The Grip is for all ages

The Grip is structured on classes for all ages. We are passionate about getting kids active and off their electronic devices. We do this by making fitness fun with challenging obstacles that work their core, balance, and of course upper body. Your child will gain confidence and self esteem while working together with other kids of similar skill in a team setting. Obstacle training is taking America by storm because it lets both adults and kids have fun while exercising. It’s the perfect thing.

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The Grip – Ninja Classes
Hanging at the Grip

Warped wall

Come try the warped wall! The ninjas make it look easy but it’s harder than you think. You have got to get vertical, so after practicing your footwork and getting your foot on the right spot for you to jump, you will just have to go for it and give it your all.  Once you get the hang of it though you will be ready to “Beat that Wall!”